The Strike

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The StrikeAtlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand
Published by Turtleback Books on September 1st 1996
Genres: Fiction, Politics, Classics, Philosophy, Literature, Politics, Science Fiction, Science Fiction, Dystopia, Novels, Economics, Business
Pages: 1079
Format: Hardback
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The astounding story of a man who said that he would stop the motor of the world - and did. Tremendous in scope, breathtaking in its suspense, "Atlas Shrugged" is unlike any other book you have ever read. It is a mystery story, not about the murder of a man's body, but about the murder - and rebirth - of man's spirit.
With this acclaimed work and its immortal query "Who is John Galt?" Ayn Rand found the perfect artistic form to express her vision of existence. This is the book that made her not only one of the most popular novelists of our century, but also one of its most influential thinkers.

Reason is not automatic. Those who deny it cannot be conquered by it. Do not count on them. Leave them alone. – Page 3

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