It might be too late to start prepping

Remember the story of the grasshopper and the ant? No, not the movie, the children’s story that teaches to prepare for Winter unless you end up freezing in the cold, with no food or fuel to survive.

Many “preppers” have been advocating doing this for quite some time, with the mainstream dismissing their calls to prepare just in case things get tough. Y2K was a non-event. The world didn’t end when the Mayan Calendar did. The latest Nostradamus prophecy wasn’t fulfilled. The mainstream’s perception of us as “nutty” (to use a polite word) has never been stronger.

Then we started hearing of potential ISIS attacks on Independence Day 2015. Those didn’t happen. Or did they?

Maybe the attacks started on July 4th, but we didn’t start seeing them until now.

What’s happened?

I’m no fortune teller. I don’t make prophecies.

However, I’m an analytical thinker. I see all these points of data and start to connect them. Eventually a picture starts to emerge. As more points are revealed that picture might become more clear – or it may change shape into something completely different.

As it stands now, the points are painting a pretty ugly picture. If the pattern continues it may already be too late to start preparing.

Written by Joe